Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile


Jun 1946–Jul 1948


Literary journal created in Buenos Aires by a group of exiles. It was directed by the poet Lorenzo Varela, the artist Luis Seoane and the publisher and art critic Joan Merli. Many exiles published their texts in Cablgata: Francisco Ayala, Margarita Nelken, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Corpus Barga, Antonio Espina, José Herrera Petere, Américo Castro, Juan de la Encina, Adolfo Salazar. Other important European and Latin American writers whose texts were published in this journal are Jean-Paul Sartre, André Gide, Julio Cortázar, Jean Cassou, Alfonso Reyes and Ernesto Sábato.


  • Lorenzo Varela
  • Luís Seoane
  • Joan Merli