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Cuadernos del Ruedo Ibérico

Jun 1965–Mar 1979


Left-wing literary and political journal founded in Paris by the publisher José Martínez (Director) and the writer Jorge Semprún (Sub-Director). Exiles of second generation and exiles after 1939 were the most common collaborators: José Corrales Egea, Iñaki Goitia, Juan Goytisolo, Jorge Semprún, Manuel Tuñón de Lara and Iñaki Goitia. Exiles of the first generation such as José Bergamín, Max Aub, Vicente Llorens and Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez also wrote articles for Cuadernos del Ruedo Ibérico.


  • Jorge Semprún


Ruedo Ibérico
Journal dedicated to the publishing house Ruedo Ibérico and its journal Cuadernos del Ruedo Ibérico. Contains an index of all the issues of the journal as well as the transcription of some selected articles.
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