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1886 León Felipe
The family moves to the small town of Sequeros when his father, a notary public, is transferred…
1886 Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao
Born in Rianxa, Galicia. His father, a fisherman, emigrates to Argentina soon after his birth.
1886 Jordá Rosell, Luis Gimeno
After training at the Conservatorio del Liceo and the Basílica de la Merced in Barcelona he…
1887–1893 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Moves to a new family home, now the site of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Foundation.
1888 Pau Casals
Attended a performance of a trio in El Vendrell, where he discovered his vocation for music. One…
1888 Pau Casals
Entered the Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona, under José García i Jacot
1890 Américo Castro
Arrives in Spain for the first time.
1890 Pau Casals
In a secondhand bookshop he discovered the yet unearthed Suites for Solo Cello by Johan Sebastian…
1890 Jordá Rosell, Luis Gimeno
Director of the Vic Conservatoire and of the Municipal Band
1891–1899 Pedro Salinas
Spends his early childhood in Madrid.
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