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Significant Events

- José Bergamín
1938 Alejandro Casona
Visits Cuba, where he gives lectures and his play El crimen de don Arturo is performed. Romance en tres noches premiered in Caracas.
7 Nov 1945 The Republic of Venezuela, under Rómulo Betancourt, officially recognises the Spanish Republic.
1946–1948 Eugenio Imaz
Professor at the University of Caracas. Invited by Mariano Picón Salas.
Oct 1946 José Bergamín
Moves to Caracas, where he takes a teaching post at the Instituto Pedagógico.
1947 Juan Chabás
Appointed the Chair in Literature at the Universidad Central in Venezuela and the School of Journalism. Writes for El Nacional.
11 Dec 1947 Juan Chabás
Marries the Cuban Aída Valls.
1948 Luís Seoane
Exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Caracas. Founds the Botella al Mar publishing house.
Sep 1952–Aug 1953 Eduardo Blanco Amor
Travels to Venezuela, where he is honoured by the local Galician Centre. Becomes editor of the journal Galicia.
1957 Julián Bautista
Member of the Argentine delegation for the Second Festival of Latin American Music celebrated in Caracas
18 Nov 2009 José Antonio Rial
Dies at the age of 98.
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