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Significant Events

- José Bergamín
May 1929–May 1931 Concha Méndez
Travels to South America, where she gets involved in literary circles.
1939 Alejandro Casona
Sinfonía inacabada premiered.
Jun 1939 Rafael Dieste
Arrives in Uruguay.
1940 Alejandro Casona
Staging of Marie Curie (unpublished), a theatrical biography of the famous scientist, by Blanca Podestá's company at the Teatro Smart.
1941 (Juan de Lara) Alvaro Fernández Suárez
Becomes a regular contributor to the weekly Marcha, under the pseudonym Juan de Lara. Works at the Universidad de Montevideo.
1944 Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao
Influential in the creation of the Consejo de Galicia, created in Montevideo, which aimed to bring together exiled Galician political representatives and to participate in republican institutions in exile. President of the Consejo until his death.
1944 Rafael Alberti
Margarita Xirgu stages Alberti's adaptación of Numancia in Montevideo and El Adefesio in Buenos Aires.
1947 Rafael Alberti
Exhibition of his paintings at the Salón Arte Bella.
Sep 1947 José Bergamín
First trip to Uruguay, where he is invited to give a lecture by Eduardo Dieste
Apr 1948 José Bergamín
Moves to Uruguay where he lectures at the University of Montevideo. He was invited by the Uruguayan writer and philosopher Carlos Vaz Ferreira.
Aug–Nov 1948 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Trip to Uruguay and Argentina, where they give several speeches.
Apr–Jun 1956 Arturo Barea
Travels to South America, where he gives several talks after the success of the Spanish version of La forja de un rebelde.
1963–1966 Tomás Segovia
Moves to Uruguay. Works as a translator.
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