Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile



Significant Events

1866–1868 Fuentes Matons, Laureano
Was awarded first prize in the floral games of Havana, Matanzas and Puerto Príncipe.
20 Nov 1924 Martínez Torner, Eduardo
Embarked on an eight-month trip to Cuba and Mexico, funded by the Asturias Regional Council to do research on popular music
Feb–Apr 1935 María Teresa León
Travels around America before returning to Spain.
1936–1939 Fornés, Rosa
During the Civil War, moved with her parents to Cuba
1938 Fornés, Rosa
Won first prize in the programme La Corte Suprema del Arte of CMQ Radio, by performing a milonga
1945 Álvaro Custodio
Moves from Cuba to Mexico, where he settles.
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