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Santiago de Chile

Significant Events

1923–1924 Américo Castro
Lectures in universities of Argentina and Chile. Founder and first director of the "Instituto de Filología Hispánica" at the University of Buenos Aires.
Nov 1936–Jun 1937 María Zambrano
Travels to Santiago de Chile, where her husband has been appointed secretary to the Spanish embassy. Meets José Lezama Lima during a stopover in Havana.
3 Sep 1939 José Ricardo Morales
Arrives in Chile on board the ship Winnipeg.
1940 Arturo Serrano Plaja
1941 José Ricardo Morales
Obtains his degre in Philosophy.
1941–1947 Josep Ferrater Mora
Settles in Chile. Works for the University of Santiago as a lecturer in Philosophy. Gives several conferences. He meets several other exiles, such as Joan Oliver and Xavier Benguerel. Writes for several journals such as Sur and, remarkably, for some run by anti-francoist exiles such as Realidad, Pont Blau and Germanor.
May 1941 José Ricardo Morales
Becomes director of the T.E.U. ("Teatro Experimental Universitario") of the "Universidad Católica de Santiago de Chile"
1945 José Ricardo Morales
PhD in Paleography.
1946 Julio Alejandro
Moves from Mexico to Santiago de Chile and then Buenos Aires, where he embarks for Spain.
1947 José Ricardo Morales
Professor at the University of Santiago de Chile.
Jul 1947 Josep Ferrater Mora
Co-founder of the publishing house 'El Pi de les Tres Branques'.
1956–1957 Manuel Andújar
Stays in Chile.
Apr–Jun 1956 Arturo Barea
Travels to South America, where he gives several talks after the success of the Spanish version of La forja de un rebelde.
1964 José Ricardo Morales
Becomes a Chilean citizen.
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