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Significant Events

- Concha Méndez
Joins her husband again
Apr 1910 Corpus Barga
First stay in Paris. Meets Ilya Ehrenburg.
Jun 1910–1948 Corpus Barga
First trip to Paris.
1914–1917 Corpus Barga
Settles in Paris.
1915 Corpus Barga
Writes for the journal España.
1916–1917 Corpus Barga
Correspondant for La Correspondencia de España.
1917–1923 Jorge Guillén
Gets a post as lecturer of Spanish in La Sorbonne.
Dec 1917–Mar 1930 Corpus Barga
Appointed correspondant in Paris of the just founded newspaper El Sol. Meets regularly with Apollinaire, Picasso, Cocteau, Leger, Modigliani and Diego Rivera among others in the tertulia of "La Rotonde"
Jun 1919–1921 Paulino Masip
Stays in Paris where he works as a...
1921 Jorge Guillén
Meets Paul Valery.
1921 Jorge Guillén
Marries Germaine Cahen
1921–1923 Jorge Guillén
Writes articles of Literary Criticism for El Norte de Castilla, La Libertad, Indice, La Verdad, España and La Pluma.
1923–1934 Corpus Barga
Writes for some of the best cultural journals in Spain: Índice, Revista de Occidente, La Gaceta Literaria and Cruz y Raya.
1929 Corpus Barga
Correspondant for La Nación, of Buenos Aires.
Apr 1936 Guillermo de Torre
Moves to Paris.
Dec 1936 José Bergamín
Appointed Cultural Attaché to the Spanish Embassy in Paris by Luis Araquistain.
Jun 1937–Aug 1939 Eugenio Imaz
Settles in Paris with his family, commisioned by the Republican Government on a Diplomatic mission.
1938 Arturo Barea
Goes into exile in Paris.
1938 José Gaos
Member of the Honour Legion in France.
1938 Paulino Masip
Press attaché to the Spanish Republican Embassy in France.
15 Jul 1938 Jorge Guillén
Arrives to Paris, whre he meets his wife and children.
Jan 1939 José Bergamín
Exile. In Paris he is appointed President of the Junta de Cultura Española.
1939 Rafael Alberti
Arrives in Paris via Oran and Marseille on board the ship EL Mendoza. Alberti and Maria Teresa León live with Pablo Neruda and Delia del Carril. Works as a broadcaster for Radio Paris-Mondiale.
1939–1948 Robert Gerhard
28 Jan 1939 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Leaves for France as an exile
Feb–May 1939 Josep Ferrater Mora
Arrives in Paris after crossing the border into France.
Feb–May 1939 Emilio Prados
Lives in Paris, where he stays at the home of the Mexican ambassador, Narciso Bassols. Works at the Mexican embassy, with José Bergamín in creating the "Junta de Cultura Española" and organising the evacuation of the exile Spanish Republicans.
6 Feb 1939 Francisco Ayala
First exile in Paris
1 Jun 1939 Juan José Domenchina
Arrives in Mexico, invited by Alfonso Reyes.
14 Jun 1939 Jesús Izcaray
Arrives in Mexico on board of the ship "Sinaia".
Feb–Apr 1940 Rosa Chacel
Stays briefly in Paris before setting off to America.
Oct 1944 Corpus Barga
Co-fouder of the UIE (Unión de Intelectuales Españoles en Francia)
Aug 1945–1956 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Becomes responsible for the financial affairs of the Republican Government in exile. Director of Administrative Affairs.
1946 Jesús Izcaray
Settles in Paris, where he takes over the direction of the newspaper Mundo Obrero.
May 1946 Antonio Espina
From Paris begins to write articles for the Mexican press: Excelsior, Novedades and El Heraldo. He also broadcasts in Spanish for BBC radio in the series "Cartas desde París".
1947 Corpus Barga
Writes for the Argentinian journals Realidad and Cabalgata, founded by the exiles Francisco Ayala and Joan Merli.
23 Oct 1947 Jorge Guillén
His wife, Germaine dies.
1956 Corpus Barga
Journey to Europe
1956–1967 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Becomes ambassador for UNESCO. This leads him to travel throughout many countries, such as India and Italy.
1956–1967 Virgilio Botella Pastor
Writes for journals such as Ibérica, Política and República.
1963 José Bergamín
After signing an anti-Francoist document in support of the workers strike in Asturias, he is forced to obtain asylum in the Uruguayan embassy. On 1/12/1963 he arrives in Montevideo as an exile.
1964 Virgilio Botella Pastor
His wife dies.
13–16 Dec 2007 Robert Gerhard
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