Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile


San Juan/Puerto Rico

Significant Events

1928 Américo Castro
Lectures at universities of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico.
1940–1943 María Zambrano
Travels occasionally to Puerto Rico, to give courses and conferences.
Sep 1940–Jun 1943 Pedro Salinas
Visiting professor at the University of Puerto Rico. His stay is extended to three academic years.
1943–1945 María Zambrano
Lives in Puerto Rico. Lecturer at the University of Ríos Piedras.
1973 Pau Casals
At the end of September, he suffers an irreversible heart attack. On 22nd October, he dies, aged 96, at Hospital de Auxilio Mútuo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A few days later he is buried in the city's Commemorative Cemetery
Nov 1991 Pedro Salinas
Los santos performed in Murcia, directed by César Oliva, who then took the production to San Juan, Puerto Rico in December of the same year.
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