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Significant Events

1916–1918 Pedro Garfias
Goes to University to study Law, Philosophy and Letters. Comes into contact with the Anarchist movement in Seville. Publishes modernist poems in journals and newspapers in Cabra, Osuna and Madrid.
1928 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
First performed with Rosario (Florencia Pérez) at the Teatro del Duque. Met Rosario while studying at the dance academy of Manuel 'Realito' Real
1928 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
Danced at the Pasaje de Oriente on the occasion of a feast in honor of the infant Don Carlos
1929 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
Danced before King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia at the Ibero-American Exhibition
1978 Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler]
Began his farewell tour at the Teatro Lope de Vega, presenting his show Antonio y su Teatro Flamenco
Feb 1987 Manuel Andújar
Elected Hijo Predilecto de Andalucía by the Andalusian Parliament.
1992 Rafael Alberti
Premiere of La Gallarda, directed by Miguel Narros, as part of the inauguration of Expo'92.
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