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Significant Events

Apr 1922–Aug 1927 Rosa Chacel
Lives in Rome thanks to a grant obtained by her husband to study at the Spanish Academy in Rome. Travels to Germany, Austria and France.
1934 Rafael Alberti
Co-founds the revolutionary journal Octubre with María Teresa León. Invited to the First Congress of Soviet Writers. Travels around Russia. Invited to Rome by Valle-Inclán. Gives lectures and recitals in America.
1955 María Zambrano
Writes for the journal Botteghe oscure.
Jun–Oct 1958 Eduardo Blanco Amor
First trip to Spain after the war. He travels to Europe on behalf of the University of La Plata and the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes to establish relationships with a number of European cultural centres.
Oct 1960–Apr 1961 Max Aub
Travels to Italy, England and Greece.
1962–1963 Tomás Segovia
Thanks to a grant from the Farfield Foundation, travels to New York, Paris and Rome.
1965 Rafael Alberti
Exhibits his paintings at the Penélope Gallery in Rome and the Gallería d'Arte in Milan. Awarded first prize for his etchings at the V Rasegna di Arti Figurative de Roma.
1970 Rafael Alberti
Exhibition at the Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña y Baleares of his poetry and artwork. Exhibition at the Galleria la Margherita in Rome.
1972 Rafael Alberti
Exhibition in the Rondanini Gallery of Alberti's graphic and poetic work in commemoration of his seventieth birthday.
1973 Rafael Alberti
Appointed member of the II Russell Tribunal, formed in order to investigate crimes committed by US army in Vietnam.
1973 María Zambrano
Returns to Rome.
1973 Rafael Alberti
Premiere of the Italian version of Noche de guerra en el Museo del Prado at the Teatro Belli.
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