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Significant Events

1908 José Moreno Villa
Founds the journal Gibralfaro.
1912–1923 Manuel Altolaguirre
Attends the jesuit school of Miraflores del Palo. Studies Law at the University of Granada.
1917–1919 Esteban Salazar Chapela
Studies Teaching in the "Escuela Normal de Maestros".
1917–1930 Juan Rejano
Spends a few years in Málaga, where he works for the Post Office. Becomes a close friend of Emilio Prados and Manuel Altolaguirre.
Oct 1917–1932 Manuel Andújar
Lives in Málaga, where he has his primary and secondary education.
1921–1929 Manuel Andújar
Studies at the Colegio Alemán in Málaga, where he learns German.
Feb–Sep 1922 Emilio Prados
Stays in Malaga, where he finishes recovering from his illness.
1923 Manuel Altolaguirre
Begins publishing the journal Ambos, in collaboration with José María Souvirón, Emilio Prados and José María Hinojosa.
1923 Esteban Salazar Chapela
Publishes his first articles in the journal Ambos, directed by his friends José María Souvirón, José María Hinojosa y Manuel Altolaguirre.
Apr 1924 Emilio Prados
Returns to Malaga. Writes for the literary journal Ambos.
1926 Manuel Altolaguirre
First issue of the journal Litoral, founded by Altolaguirre and Prados.
1927–1930 Juan Rejano
Works as a printer and as a librarian for the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País.
4–14 Sep 1928 Luis Cernuda
Spends a few days in Málaga with his friends the poets Emilio Prados, Manuel Altolaguirre and José María Hinojosa.
1929–1930 Manuel Andújar
Studies at the School of Commerce, in Málaga. Founds a section of the leftist students' organisation Federación Universitaria Española.
1930 Manuel Altolaguirre
Launches the poetry journal Poesía.
1930–1935 Emilio Prados
Devotes himself to developing literacy amongst the poor and organisation of fishermen's trade union.
1931–1934 Manuel Andújar
Member of the Partido Radical.
5 Jun 1932 Manuel Altolaguirre
Altolaguirre and Concha Méndez are married.
Oct 1934–Feb 1937 Juan Rejano
Chief editor of the newspaper El Popular. Press secretary to the Civil Government of Málaga. Contributes to the journal Frente Rojo.
1 Jun 1950 Manuel Altolaguirre
Travels to Spain for the first time since the end of the Civil War.
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