Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile



Significant Events

Nov 1936–Jun 1937 María Zambrano
Travels to Santiago de Chile, where her husband has been appointed secretary to the Spanish embassy. Meets José Lezama Lima during a stopover in Havana.
1938 Alejandro Casona
Visits Cuba, where he gives lectures and his play El crimen de don Arturo is performed. Romance en tres noches premiered in Caracas.
Jan 1940 María Zambrano
Lectures at the University of Havana at the invitation of José Lezama Lima.
1940 José Ramón Arana
First exile. Arrives in Martinique on board the ship La Salle
3 Oct 1943 Meeting of Spanish professor in the University of Havana results in the Havana Declaration.
1949–1953 María Zambrano
Returns to Cuba, where she teaches Philosophy.
5 Jun 1951 Pedro Salinas
Judit y el tirano performed by a university theatre group in Havana, directed by Luis Baralt. Salinas was too ill to attend the production.
Nov 1951–Jan 1952 Luis Cernuda
Trip to Cuba. Gives lectures and meets regularly with María Zambrano and José Lezama Lima.
1958 Paco Ignacio Taibo (I)
Leaves Spain for Mexico City with his wife, Maricarmen, and son Paco Ignacio, stopping in New York and Havana on the way. He witnesses the last days of the Batista government in Cuba.
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