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La Habana

Significant Events

- Concha Méndez
Arrive at Cuba. She meets old friends such as María Zambrano and the Cuban poet Lydia Cebrera.
1916–1917 Lorenzo Varela
Born on a ship travelling from Galicia to Cuba, where he spends the first months of his life.
1928 Américo Castro
Lectures at universities of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico.
Jan 1937 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Arrives in Havana, Cuba, where Jiménez will stay for two years.
1939 León Felipe
Stays briefly in Havana, Cuba.
Mar–Apr 1939 Manuel Altolaguirre
Boards the Saint Domingue bound for Mexico, but disembarks in Camangüey, Cuba, when his child falls ill.
Apr 1939–Mar 1943 Manuel Altolaguirre
Lives in Havana for five years.
May 1939–1941 Josep Ferrater Mora
Moves to Cuba, where he teaches philosophy, writes and translates.
Feb 1941 Agustí Bartra
Arrives in Cuba where he stays for a short time before setting off to Mexico.
Sep 1943 Juan Chabás
Marries the Cuban Lydia de Rivera, whom he divorces shortly afterwards.
Dec 1948 Juan Chabás
Is forced to leave Venezuela because of the Military uprising against president Rómulo Gallegos.
Oct 1953–Mar 1955 Manuel Altolaguirre
Returns to Havana, where he lives for almost two years.
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