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Mexico D.F.

Significant Events

Dec 1939 Jesús Izcaray
Joins the Communist Party
1942 The president of Mexico, Manuel Ávila Camacho declares the Spanish conflict to have been an international coup d'état.
22 Jul 1942 Meeting of the permanent deputation of the Cortes in Mexico.
10 Aug 1942 Meeting of the permanent deputation of the Cortes in Mexico.
20 Nov 1943 Publication of founding pact of the Junta de Liberación Española.
1945–1950 Ernestina de Champourcín
Works as a translator for other publishing companies such Centauro and U.T.E.H.A.
10 Jan 1945 Meeting of the Republican Cortes in Mexico.
1 Aug 1945 Ngerín speech in the Palacio de las Bellas Artes.
Aug 1945 Period of ministerial crisis in exile. Negrín's government is dissolved and the first Giral government is formed. The Mexican government immediately takes all measures necessary to maintain its diplomatic relationship with the Spanish Republic, and the Spanish Embassy in Mexico is handed over to the Republican government.
17 Aug 1945 Meeting of exiled Spanish members of parliament to reconstitute the legitimacy of the Spanish Republic in exile. Diego Martínez Barrio is sworn in as president.
Sep 1945 Publication of official buletin of the Spanish Republic: Gaceta oficial de la República Española.
7–9 Nov 1945 Meeting of Spanish parliament in the Salón de Cabildos to confirm support for the Giral government.
1 Oct 1946 Manuel Andújar
Founds the journal Las Españas in co-operation with José Ramón Arana.
1949 María Zambrano
Stays briefly in Mexico City.
1950–1953 Manuel Altolaguirre
Founds Producciones Isla. Starts to direct films (including El condenado por desconfiado, Doña Clarines, and Los emigrantes) and write screenplays (including Cervantes' El rufián dichoso and Golpe de suerte). Awarded the Premio al mejor argumento del año for Subida al cielo, directed by Luis Buñuel.
1952 Ernestina de Champourcín
Joins the Catholic Organisation Opus Dei.
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