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Significant Events

1917–1936 José Ramón Arana
After his father's death, he is forced to give up his studies. Begins to work at a publishing company. Afterwards, he moves to Barcelona, where he works in a factory amongst other places.
1929 Alejandro Casona
El crimen de Lord Arturo performed.
1930–1933 José Gaos
Professor of the University of Zaragoza.
1931 José Gaos
Joins the Spanish Socialist Party and the "Agrupación al Servicio de la República".
1931 José Ramón Arana
Joins the Socialist Trade Union UGT.
1931–1936 José Ramón Arana
Works for the Banco Hispano-Americano.
1937 Simón Otaola
Political commisioner in the front of Ebro.
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