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Rafael Alberti [1902–1999] Poet, dramatist, artist, and major literary figure of the Generation of '27.
Julio Alejandro [1906–1995] Poet, dramatist and screenwriter who returned to Spain in the 1940s, before settling in Mexico in…
María Luisa Algarra [1916–1957] Catalan dramatist involved in the French Resistance during the Second World War, exiled in Mexico.
Manuel Altolaguirre [1905–1959] Spanish poet associated with the Generation of 1927, dramatist and publisher. Exiled in Cuba and…
Amparo Alvajar [1916–1998] Monçao/Portugal
Manuel Andújar [1913–1994] Spanish writer exiled in Mexico. His work remained unpublished in Spain until 1986.
Antonio [Antonio Ruiz Soler] [1921–1996]
Antoniorrobles (Antonio Robles Soler) [1895–1983]
José Ramón Arana [1905–1973] Exiled first in France, where he was interned in a concentration camp, then in Mexico, where he…
Alvaro Arauz [1911–1970] Dramatist and translator exiled in Mexico.
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