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Amparo Alvajar [1916–1998]

Date of Birth: 1916 La Coruña/Spain
Died: 1998 (age 83)

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1916 La Coruña/Spain
Born in A Coruña to César Alvajar, journalist and politician, and Amparo Jeán, leader of the Asociación Republicana de Mujeres.
1933 Madrid/Spain
?date? Works for Santiago Casares Quiroga, leader and founder of the Autonomous Galician Republican Organization (ORGA) and Prime Minister of Spain in 1936, when the coup takes place.
1936 Valencia/Spain
Flees Madrid for Valencia, where she marries Arturo Cuadrado. Has a daughter, Silvia, who dies soon after birth.
1939 After a short period in France, she boards the Massilia for Buenos Aires. Has a stillborn child. Settles in the Argentinian capital, where she translates works by English and French writers.
1955 Buenos Aires/Argentina
?date? El balcón de los Lester and Amada y tú, written in Spanish in collaboration with Agustín Caballero, are staged in Buenos Aires.
1955 Paris/France
Amparo's father dies in Paris.
1960 Geneva/Switzerland
Having worked as a translator for the UN in Paris, Alvajar moves to Geneva, where she directs a number of plays by Lope de Vega, Moratín, Buero Vallejo and García Lorca.
1961 Awarded the Orden de lealtad a la república española.
1998 Monçao/Portugal
Dies in Monçao, Portugal.
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Amparo Alvajar (1916-1998)
Biographical article written in commemoration of the dramatist's life.
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