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Luisa Carnés [1905–1964]

Date of Birth: 1905
Died: 1964 Mexico (age 60)

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Journalist, dramatist, novelist and short-story writer exiled in Mexico. Largely unknown in Spain until recent years, new editions of her theatrical works and a previously unpublished novel have recently been published there.

Time Table

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1905 Born in Madrid.
1931–1933 Moves to Algeciras with left-wing poster artist Ramón Puyol and their son, Ramón.
1936–1939 Writes for magazines and periodicals including Estampa, Crónica, La Voz and El Sol and edits left-wing newspapers Mundo Obrero and Frente Rojo during the civil war. Some of her articles are submitted under the pseudonym of Clarita Montes.
1939 Goes into exile with her son in Mexico, where she continues both her journalistic and literary careers.
1950 Begins a relationship with the exiled poet Juan Rejano. She later marries him.
1964 Dies as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash.
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