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Juan Miguel de Mora [1921—]

Date of Birth: 1921

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Journalist, dramatist, essayist and novelist. University lecturer in Sanskrit at the UNAM in Mexico. Has founded the weekly La Voz de la Chontalpa, edited the Diario de Tabasco and worked as correspondent for Siempre! in a number of countries. Theatre critic for the Heraldo de México, Cine Mundial, Diario de la tarde and El Sol de México. Radio commentator on XEX-La Voz de México.

Time Table

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1939 Leaves Spain for France, departing soon after for Mexico, where he establishes himself as a journalist.
1947 Mexico
Begins to publish novels, essays and collections of articles.
1951 Guatemala
Directs the film Nazkará in Guatemala.
1952 Mexico
His career as a dramatist begins, though many of his plays remain unpublished.
1953 Cannes/ France
Takes Nazkará to the Cannes film festival.
1955 Mexico City
Mora's Ariel y Calibán (unpublished), performed at the Teatro Ródano.
1956 Mexico City
Performance of Un hombre de otro mundo and El pájaro cantor at the Teatro de la Rotonda.
Feb 1957 Mexico City
Mora directs his Los héroes no van al frente (unpublished) at the Teatro de los Compositores de México.
1961 Mexico City
Mora's Una cruz para cada hombre (Espartaco) (unpublished) performed at the Teatro Xola.
1964 Spain
Travels illegally to Spain as correspondent for Siempre!. Participates in the clandestine opposition to Franco, with the support of the Partido Nacionalista Vasco and the Basque government in exile. The result of this was his controversial book, Misión de prensa en España.
1965 As a result of his journalistic work in Spain, Mora is awarded the Orden de la Liberación de España by the Republican government in exile.
1968 Mexico
Completes Plaza de las Tres Culturas which, according to the 1978 edition, «nadie se atrevió a escenificar»: written in response to the violent suppression of a student demonstration in Mexico that year (the same year that the country hosted the Olympics).
1969 Paris
Mora's last play, Emiliano Zapata, performed in French as La terre at the ORTF.
1978 Mexico
Publication of Plaza de las Tres Culturas.
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