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Víctor Ruiz Añibarro [1900–1970]

Date of Birth: 1900 Pasai Antxo, Guipúzcoa
Died: 1970 Buenos Aires (age 71)

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Basque writer and dramatist exiled in Argentina.

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1900–1936 Basque Country
Born in Pasajes Ancho. Studies in various parts of the Basque country, before settling in Bilbao. Journalist for the daily La Tarde and for Excelsior, then for Euzkadi, of which he becomes editor. Writes humorous articles, novels and essays. Correspondent for the magazine Estampa and the Ahorahora newspaper, both of which are published in Madrid. Marries Mercedes Ormaechea Larrinaga. They have two children: Juan Ignacio and Miguel Anton.
1937 Iparralde, France
Goes into exile in Iparralde, the French part of the Basque country.
1938 Argentina
Moves on to Argentina, where he settles.
1939–1969 Argentina
Writes for a number of journals and newspapers in Argentina, including Nación Vasca, Aquí Está, El Hogar, La Nación, Crítica and Noticias Gráficas. His most long-serving collaboration is with Euzko Deya (La Voz de los Vascos), published on behalf of the Basque community in Argentina, to which he contributes consistently over a period of thirty years. He uses a number of pseudonyms, including "Errea", "Jun de Ibaizabal" and "Luis de Arriguibar".
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