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Luís Seoane [1910–1979]

Date of Birth: 1910 Buenos Aires
Died: 1979 A Coruña (age 70)

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Galician artist (illustrator, lithographer and muralist), poet, dramatist and publisher exiled in Buenos Aires. Considered, alongside Carlos Maside, one of the great renovators of Galician art in the 20th century.

Time Table

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1910 Buenos Aires
Born in Buenos Aires to Galician parents.
1916 A Coruña
Returns to Galicia as a child, attending primary school in A Coruña.
1920 Santiago de Compostela
Attends secondary school.
1927–1933 Becomes active in republicanist and regionalist left-wing parties, including the Partido Galeguista. Illustrates books and magazines.
1929 Santiago de Compostela
First exhibition in Santiago de Compostela.
1932 Santiago de Compostela
Obtains his degree in Law and Social Sciences.
1934 A Coruña
Works as a labour lawyer. Makes friends and holds tertulias with Huici, Cebreiro, Fernández Mazas, Del Valle, Julio J. Casal, Francisco Miguel and others. Joins the Partido Galeguista.
1936 Takes part in the campaign for the Statute of Autonomy. He goes into hiding when the civil war breaks out.
Sep 1936 Buenos Aires
Leaves Spain for Buenos Aires.
1938 Buenos Aires
Works for the Editorial Losada, founded by a Galician compatriot, which publishes works censored in Spain.
1939 Buenos Aires
Edits the magazine Galicia, published by the Centro Gallego de Buenos Aires, which he will continue to do for twenty years.
1940 Buenos Aires
Sets up the Hórreo and Dorna collections for EMECÉ Editores.
1943 Buenos Aires
Founds the Correo Literario magazine and the Editorial Nova.
1945 New York
His book of drawings, Homenaje a la Torre de Hércules, is selected in New York as one of the top ten books of drawings to be published between 1935 and '45.
1948 Buenos Aires
Exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Caracas. Founds the Botella al Mar publishing house.
1949 Paris
Exhibitions in Paris and London. Meets Henry Moore, Herbert Read, Lucien Freud, Pablo Picasso and Óscar Domínguez.
1952–1962 Buenos Aires
Founds the magazine Galicia Emigrante and the Citania publishing house.
1955 Buenos Aires
Paints a large mural at the Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires.
1956 New York
Exhibits in New York for the first time. He will exhibit here a number of times before 1962.
1958 Brussels
Awarded the silver medal at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels.
1958 Buenos Aires
Awarded the Medalla del Senado de la Nación Argentina.
1960 Italy
Travels to Italy to study the work of Serafín Avendaño, a painter from Vigo.
1962 Buenos Aires
Awarded the prestigious Premio Palanza in Argentina.
1963 Madrid
Large exhibition of his work held in Madrid, at the Dirección General de Bellas Artes.
1963–1979 Exhibitions in Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil and elsewhere. Co-founder of Sargadelos ceramics and the Carlos Maside museum of contemporary art.
1968 Buenos Aires
Retrospective exhibition of his work in Buenos Aires. Founds the Laboratorio de Formas de Galicia with Isaac Díaz Pardo.
1979 A Coruña
Dies in Galicia.
1994 A Coruña
The Día de las Letras Gallegas is dedicated to Seoane and the Fundación Luis Seoane is created in A Coruña with funds from the artist's widow, Maruxa.
2003 A Coruña
The new building of the Fundación Luis Seoane is inaugurated.
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Website of the Fundación Luis Seoane.
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