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Rodolfo Halffter [1900–1987]

Date of Birth: 1900 Madrid
Died: 1987 Mexico (age 88)

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1928 Granada
Two-month stay in Granada where he took advice from Manuel de Falla
1930 Madrid
Appeared as a member of the Grupo de los Ocho and presented at the Residencia de Estudiantes
1930 Madrid
Worked as a music critic for the newspaper La Voz
1931 Madrid
Music secretary for the Ministry of Propaganda, Spanish Republic
1939 Mexico
After an invitation from the Mexican Government, took exile in Mexico City
1939 Mexico
Together with Anna Sokolov, a pupil of Martha Graham, he founded the dance company La paloma azul
1940 Mexico
Professor of Music Analysis at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música
1940 Mexico
Director of Ediciones Mexicanas de Música
1946 Mexico
Appointed director of the journal Nuestra Musica where he promoted the work of living Mexican composers
1946 Mexico
Founded the series Conciertos de los lunes a showcase for the works of living Mexican composers
1953 Mexico
Composed his first twelve-tone work, Tres piezas para orquesta, purported to be the first dodecafonic work composed in Mexico
1963 Spain
Returned periodically to Spain to teach music courses in Granada and Santiago de Compostela, and to participate in music festivals such as Cuenca and Madrid
1963 Spain
The Spanish Ministry of Tourism organised a concert devoted to his works, together with that of Ernesto (his brother) and Cristóbal (his nephew), both prominent composers in Spain
1967 Mexico
Premio Nacional de Ciencias y Artes
1968 Mexico
Member of the Academy of Fine Arts
1973 Spain
Encomienda de la Orden Civil de Alfonso X el Sabio
1982 Spain
Gran Cruz del Mérito Civil, awarded by king Juan Carlos I
1986 Spain
Awarded the National Music Prize
1987 Mexico
Dies at the age of 87
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