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Salvador Bacarisse [1898–1963]

Date of Birth: 12 Nov 1898 Madrid/Spain
Died: 5 Aug 1963 Paris (age 64)

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1913 Madrid
Begins studying humanities at the Universidad de Madrid, at the same time he studied music at the Conservatorio de Música de Madrid. He formed part of the composition class of Conrado del Campo
1919 Tetuan
Military service
1922 Madrid
Back in Madrid marries Pilar Cuadrado Sanz, with whom he had a son, Salvador, in 1923
1923 Madrid
Awarded the National Music Prize by the Spanish Ministry of Fine Arts. The awarded work is the symphonic poem La nave de Ulises
May 1923 Madrid
First public performance of his works. Sala Aeolian Work performed: Tres piezas para quinteto (op. 3a)
1926–1936 Madrid
Artistic Director of Music in Unión Radio
29 Nov 1930 Madrid
Appeared as one of the members of the Grupo de los Ocho's Presentation at the Residencia de Estudiantes.
1931 Urgoiti, Nicolás M. de
Started contributing music criticism for the newspaper Crisol, funded and directed by Nicolás M. de Urgoiti
1931 Awarded the National Music Prize the second time for the orchestral work Música sinfónica
21 Jul 1931 Madrid
Appointed member of the Junta Nacional de Música y Teatros Líricos, created by the government of the recently instituted Second Republic
1932 Urgoiti, Nicolás M. de
Started contribuing criticism for the newspaper Luz, successor of Crisol, Also funded by Nicolás M. de Urgoiti
1934 Awarded the National Music Prize the third time for his work Tres movimientos concertantes
Aug 1936 Member of the music section of the Alianza de Intelectuales Antifascistas para la Denfensa de la Cultura (AIA)
1 Sep 1936 Member of the Junta Organizadora de la Enseñanza Musical, aiming to restructure the musical education system in Spain
30 Jul 1938 Appointed director of the official lyric theatre season (1939-1939). The end of the war prevented him from accomplishing the duties of this post
1939 Paris
Bacarisse settles with his wife in Paris
1945 Paris
The Collège d'Espagne devotes a concert to the works of Bacarisse
Oct 1945 Paris
Appointed to the Spanish section of the Radiodiffusion Télévision Française (RTF). Bacarisse held this post up to his death
1954 Gained French nationality
1955 Paris
Met film director Roberto Rosellini, with whom he collaborated on various occasions
1958 Paris
Awarded first prize of the Chamber Opera Competition organised by the RTF. The prized work was Le trésor de Boabdil based on a text by André Camp and Francisco Puig Espert
1963 Paris
Dies at the age of 65
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