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Martínez Torner, Eduardo [1888–1955]

Date of Birth: 7 Apr 1888 Oviedo
Died: 17 Feb 1955 London (age 66)

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1909 Oviedo
Founded the literary gathering La Claraboya, which met at the Café Español
1910 Madrid
Finished his piano studies at the Madrid Conservatoire
1910–1912 Oviedo
Wrote music compositions based on folk music
1912 Paris
Enrols in the Schola Cantorum, under d'Indy, and in the École des Hautes Études Sociales, under Julien Tiersot. Periodically travels to Asturias to work on folklore under the guidance of d'Indy and Tiersot. The Schola Cantorum closed in 1914 following the outbreak of the war.
1914–1920 Madrid
Lived at the Residencia de Estudiantes
1919 Together with Navarro Tomás, founded the Archivo de la Palabra y de la Canción Popular
8 Sep 1920 Madrid
Married Jovita Cué Landa and lived in Madrid thereafter
20 Nov 1924 Cuba
Embarked on an eight-month trip to Cuba and Mexico, funded by the Asturias Regional Council to do research on popular music
1931 Madrid
Appointed to the Junta Nacional de Música
1932 Took charge of the Misiones Pedagógicas in Asturias with Alejandro Casona
1932 Madrid
Was appointed the Chair of Folkloric Studies at the National Conservatoire. Also appointed lecturer at the Institución Libre de Enseñanza.
1938 Barcelona
Following the fall of the Republican Government in Valencia flees to Barcelona, resulting in the loss of most of his papers
1939 Argelés
Entered the refugee camp of Argelés
1 Sep 1939 London
Fled France and settled in London. Appointed lecturer at the Instituto Español and the Luis Vives Foundation in London. Put in charge of a music and literature programme for the BBC
1955 London
Dies age 66
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