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Fuentes Matons, Laureano [1825–1898]

Date of Birth: 3 Jul 1825 Santiago de Cuba
Died: 30 Sep 1898 Santiago de Cuba (age 73)

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Composer and musical director. Started studying music under his sister. Subsequently studied violin, composition, music theory with different masters. At the age of fifteen started working as violinist in the main chapel of the Cathedral in Santiago de Cuba. Four years afterwards he founded his own orchestra at the Teatro Principal in that city. His catalogue includes a great variety of works among which there are some of the most popular nineteenth-century Cuban zarzuelas. Most of his music is held at the Biblioteca Elvira Cape in Santiago de Cuba, among the 'Pablo Hernández Balaguer' collection.

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1846 Santiago de Cuba
Founded and directed the Academia de Música de Santa Cecilia, at the Colegio de Santiago de Cuba
1857 Santiago de Cuba
Founded the Academia Apolo
1866–1868 Cuba
Was awarded first prize in the floral games of Havana, Matanzas and Puerto Príncipe.
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