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Grenet, Eliseo [1893–1950]

Date of Birth: 12 Jun 1893 Havana
Died: 4 Dec 1950 Havana (age 57)

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Composer and musical director

Time Table

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1911 After training under Concepción Ardois and Mercedes Valenzuela and composing musical theatre in his early youth, he substituted Lecuona as musical director in the theatre Politeama Chico
1926 Havana
Appointed musical director of Arquímedes Pous' company
1927 Toured Mexico, United States, Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. Once returned, he joined Lecuona in the foundation of a new zarzuela company
1932 Forced to exile due to his opposition to Machado. His work Lamento cubano was censored, but clandestine radio stations broadcast it. He settled in Spain
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