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Jarques, José [1833–0000]

Date of Birth: 1833 Aragón
Died: 0000 3/2/1916 (age )

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Baritone and zarzuela impresario

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1859–1860 Morocco
Fought in the Morocco war. After the war he settled in Tétouan, where he began acting and singing in a local zarzuela company. He met Isidora Segura, a singer and actress whom he married and with whom he began a career in zarzuela
1868–1872 Argentina
The Jarques-Segura company settled in Argentina and made frequent trips to Uruguay and Brasil
1872 Chile
After succeeding in Lima, the company embarked to Chile
1875 Valparaiso
After three successful years in Chile, the company disbanded in Valparaíso, following a downfall in the audience
1879 Chile
After several years touring Latin America, the Jarques family returned to Chile
1882 Chile
The Jarques family retired in Chile, thus bringing to an end a ten-year zarzuela monopoly in this country
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