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Jordá Rosell, Luis Gimeno [1870–1951]

Date of Birth: 16 Jun 1870 Les Maises de Roda (Barcelona)
Died: 20 Sep 1951 Barcelona (age 81)

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Composer and pianist

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1886 Barcelona
After training at the Conservatorio del Liceo and the Basílica de la Merced in Barcelona he began teaching at the Music School of the Casa Provincial de Caridad in that city
1890 Director of the Vic Conservatoire and of the Municipal Band
1898 Mexico
Arrived in Mexico with other Spanish musicians, following an invitation by the Arcaraz company. He directed several productions at the Teatro Principal
1899 Founded a quartet which gained success in the subsequent years in Mexico. In 1903 José Rocabruna joined, thus giving birth to the also successful Jordá-Rocabruna Quintet
1910 Mexico
Founded the journal El Arte Musical which informed and discussed about music, and published the work of Mexican and European composers
1929 Returned to Spain
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