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José Ramón Arana [1905–1973]

Date of Birth: 13 Mar 1905 Garrapinillos/ Zaragoza
Died: 23 Jul 1973 Zaragoza (age 68)

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Exiled first in France, where he was interned in a concentration camp, then in Mexico, where he had a travelling library. Set up the Las Españas magazine with Manuel Andújar.

Time Table

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1891 Libretto: El Chalequero
1917–1936 Paris
After his father's death, he is forced to give up his studies. Begins to work at a publishing company. Afterwards, he moves to Barcelona, where he works in a factory amongst other places.
1926 Paris
Jose Ramon Arana marries Mercedes Gracia Argensó.
1926–1931 Paris
Lives in Barcelona, where he works in a factory.
1927 Paris
Joins the anarchist trade union CNT.
1931 Zaragoza
Joins the Socialist Trade Union UGT.
1931–1936 Zaragoza
Works for the Banco Hispano-Americano.
Jul 1936 Monegrillo/Zaragoza
After Franco's military uprising, he manages to escape from Zaragoza to a small village, where he finds refuge.
Aug 1936 Mequinensa
Goes to Lleida.
Dec 1936–Aug 1937 Mequinensa
Appointed member of the Regional Government of Aragón, which was located in Caspe.
1937 Caspe
Meets his new partner, Dolores Arana.
Apr 1937 Moscow
Journey to the Soviet Union on behalf of the Consejo de Aragón.
Nov 1938 Bayonne, France
Leaves Barcelona for the French town of Bayonne on a mission for the Republican Information Services (SIM), under the control of the Communist Party.
Nov 1939 Gurs
After the Nazi invasion of France, he is taken to a Concentration Camp
1940 Havana/Cuba
First exile. Arrives in Martinique on board the ship La Salle
1940 Martinique
Lives on the island of Martinique
1940–1941 Dominican Republic
Lives in the Dominican Republic.
1941 Mexico D. F.
Arrives in Mexico
1943–1945 Mexico D. F.
Writes regularly for the newspaper El Popular.
Oct 1943–Jan 1945 Founds and directs the journal Aragón.
1 Oct 1946 Mexico D. F.
Founds the journal Las Españas with Manuel Andujar
1953–1960 Mexico D. F.
In association with González Porto founds and directs the magazine Crisol.
1959 Mexico D. F.
Divorces Dolores Arana.
1959 Mexico D. F.
Works for the bookshop and publishing company of González Porto.
1960 Mexico
Marries Elvira Godás
Jun 1972 Paris
Returns to Spain and settles in Barcelona
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