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Aveli Artis-Gener [1912–2000]

Date of Birth: 1 Jan 1912 Barcelona/Spain
Died: 31 Dec 2000 Barcelona/Spain (age 89)

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1931–1936 Barcelona
Writes articles for the newspapers Diari Mercantil, L'Opinió, La Rambla, La Publicitat, El Be Negre, L'Esquella de la Torratxa, Meridiá.
1937–1938 Barcelona
Co-directs the journal Véncer!
1938 Joins the Republican Army as a volunteer.
Feb 1939 Is put into a concentration camp.
Jul 1939 Veracruz
Arrives in Mexico.
1940–1965 Mexico D. F.
Writres for many journals: La Nostra Revista, La Nova Revista, Quaderns de l'exili, Revista del Refugiats d'America, Lletres, Pont Blau and Full Catalá.
31 Dec 1965 Paris
Returns to Barcelona.
1973 Travels to Moscow to attend the World Peace Congress
1973–1978 Barcelona
Appointed General Secretary of PEN Club Catalá.
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