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Francisco Ayala [1906–2009]

Date of Birth: 16 Mar 1906 Granada, San Agustin 8
Died: 3 Nov 2009 Madrid (age 103)

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Time Table

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1906–1915 Granada, calle Recogidas
Studies in Colegio Calderón
1918–1919 Granada, paseo Basilios
Secondary Education at the Escolapios school
1922 Madrid
Moves with his family to Madrid. Calle Lope de Vega 4
1924–1927 Madrid, calle San Bernardo
Studies Law at University of Madrid
1927 Madrid
Publishes his first articles in Revista de Occidente and La Gaceta Literaria
1 Oct 1928 Madrid
Appointed Assistant Professor of Public Law
1929 Madrid. Calle San Bernardo
Graduates in Law
1 Oct 1929 Madrid
1 Nov 1929 Berlin
Leaves for Berlin, with a grant to continue his studies.
1 Jun 1930 Madrid
Returns to Madrid
1 Jan 1931 Berlin
Returns to Berlin
19 Jan 1931 Berlin
Marries Etelvina Silva
1 Feb 1931 Madrid
Returns to Madrid
1934 Madrid
Starts writing for the newspaper El Sol.
1934 Madrid, Calle Ibiza
Moves. His daughter Nina is born
1 May 1936 Journey to Latin America. Gives several speeches.
20 Jul 1936 Madrid
Returns to Republican Spain
8 Oct 1936 Burgos
His father is arrested and assasinated
7 Jun 1937 Prague
Ayala is assigned a diplomatic mission in Prague
1939 Valparaiso
Arrives in Valparaíso
6 Feb 1939 Veracruz/Mexico
First exile in Paris
1 Apr 1939 Leaves for Havanna
10 Aug 1939 Buenos Aires
Arrives in Argentina
22 Apr 1940 Buenos Aires
Is appointed member of the Argentinian Institute of Social and Legal Philosophy.
1941 Buenos Aires
Works for the Publishing houses Losada and Sudamericana as a translator and collections editor.
11 Sep 1944 Buenos Aires
Becomes Argentinian Citizen.
1945 Paris
Settles in Rio, where he teaches Sociology at the University of Rio.
19 Dec 1945 Buenos Aires
Returns to Argentina
1 Feb 1947 Buenos Aires
Begins publishing the journal Realidad
1950 Rio Piedras
Moves to Puerto Rico. Holds the chair of Sociology in the University of Rio Piedras
1951 France, Switzerland, Italy
First trip to Europe since going into exile.
1952 New York, 142 E 29th
1953 Puerto Rico
Founds the journal La Torre
1957 New York, 142 E 29th
Moves to New York. Teaches Spanish Literature in Princeton University.
1958 New Jersey
Becomes a lecturer at Rutgers University.
1959 Philadelphia
Becomes a lecturer at Bryn Mawr College
1 Jul 1960 Madrid/Spain
First trip to Spain since going into exile.
1964 New York, 142 E 29th
Begins teaching at University of New York.
1964 Madrid. Marques de Cubas 2.
Returns to Madrid more often. Buys a flat.
1966 Chicago.
Appointed Chair of Spanish Literature at the University of Chicago.
1973 New York, 142 E 29th
Appointed chair of Spanish Literature in New York
1976 Madrid, Marques de Cubas, 2
Retires and settles in Madrid. Publishes regularly in El País.
15 Dec 1983 Madrid
Is appointed member of the Real Academia Española
23 Apr 1991 Alcalá de Henares
Receives the Premio Cervantes for Literature
2009 Madrid
Dies at the age of 103 and cremated at the San Isidro cemetery in Madrid.
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Francisco Ayala Foundation
Website of Francisco Ayala Foundation, with on-line catalogue of its library and news about its activities. It also offers various information on Ayala's life and works.
Archivo Digital Instituto Cervantes
Recorded interview with Francisco Ayala. It contains links to other videos related to Ayala.
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