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Eduardo Blanco Amor [1897–1979]

Date of Birth: 14 Sep 1897 Orense
Died: 1 Dec 1979 Vigo/Pontevedra (age 82)

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1897–1919 Orense
Lives in Orense.
1915 Orense
Begins to work for the newspaper El Diario de Orense
1919 Buenos Aires
Emigrates to Buenos Aires, where he lives for a number of years.
1919–1920 Buenos Aires/ Argentina.
Works as a shop assistant for a furniture store.
1920–1922 Buenos Aires
Regularly attends the "tertulia" at Café Armonía.
24 Sep 1921 Buenos Aires
Co-founder of the Federation of Galician Societies
1923 Buenos Aires
Founded the journal Terra.
1924–1932 Buenos Aires
Co-founder and co-director of the literary journal Céltiga.
1925 Buenos Aires
Begins to work for the newspaper La Nación.
Oct 1928–Mar 1929 Orense
A Coruña
Returns to Spain as correspondant for La Nación.
1929–1933 Santiago de Compostela
Publishes poems and narrative pieces in the journals Nós and Ciudad.
1930 Buenos Aires
Co-founder of ORGA ("Organización Republicana Galega Autónoma").
1933 Madrid
Meets Federico García Lorca.
1933–1936 Writes for the newspaper El Pueblo Gallego
Mar 1933–Dec 1935 Madrid
Returns to Spain again as correspondent of La Nación
1937 Buenos Aires
Appointed Vice-consul of the Spanish Republic in Buenos Aires.
Oct 1938–Jan 1939 Mendoza
Consul of the Spanish Republic in Mendoza.
1939 Buenos Aires
Starts working for the publishing house Emecé.
1950 Chile
Travels throughout Chile at the invitation of its Government, which awards him the O'Higgins prize for his book Chile a la vista.
1952 Buenos Aires
Appointed Professor of Textual Interpretation in the Conservatorio Argentino.
Sep 1952–Aug 1953 Caracas
Travels to Venezuela, where he is honoured by the local Galician Centre. Becomes editor of the journal Galicia.
Jun 1956 Buenos Aires
Becomes one of the founders of AGUEA (Asociación Galega de Universitarios, Escritores e Artistas), part of the newly-created Consello de Galiza in exile.
Nov 1957 Buenos Aires
Founds the Teatro Popular Galego
Jun–Oct 1958 Rome
First trip to Spain after the war. He travels to Europe on behalf of the University of La Plata and the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes to establish relationships with a number of European cultural centres.
16 Jan 1965 Madrid
Finally returns to Spain. Spends long periods of time in Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Vigo and La Coruña. Writes for several Spanish newspapers: La Noche, La Voz, La Vanguardia, La Voz de Galicia, La Región.
Jan 1972 Santiago de Compostela
Appointed member of the Academia Galega.
1974 Awarded Fernández Latorre prize for journalism.
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Eduardo Blanco Amor's Archive in Orense
Catalogue of the contents of Blanco Amor's personal archive, which is kept in the Biblioteca da Deputación de Ourense. This catalogue is a complete collection of Blanco Amor's works and was made by the University of Santiago de Compostela.
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