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Virgilio Botella Pastor [1906–1996]

Date of Birth: 27 Oct 1906
Died: 30 Dec 1996 (age 90)

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1906–1916 Alcoi. carrer de la Font Nova
Lives in Alcoi, where he attends primary school.
1918–1922 Madrid
Secondary education in the Instituto San Isidro.
1922–1926 Madrid
Studies Law at the University of Madrid.
Jan 1926–1928 Cartagena
After passing civil service exams, he obtains a post in the Cuerpo de Intendencia de la Armada
1928 Cartagena
He is promoted to Teniente de Intendencia and is posted on board the ship Bonifaz.
1930–1932 Madrid
Works in the Legal Department with Álvaro de Albornoz, a close political ally of his father's.
1932–1936 Madrid
Jefe de Administración del Cuerpo de Intervención Civil de la Marina.
1933 Madrid
Marries María Dolores Batalla.
Sep–Nov 1936 Madrid
In charge of control and surveillance of the Spanish gold reserve.
Nov 1936 Valencia
As a member of the Republican government, he moves to Valencia when the government relocates there.
Feb–Apr 1937 Tanger
Takes charge of several diplomatic missions in Northern Africa .
May 1937 Geneve
Represents Spain on the General Assembly of the League of Nations.
28 Jan 1939 Veracruz/Mexico
Leaves for France as an exile
Mar–May 1939 Paris
Stays in Paris at the home of a Republican Spanish aristocrat and artist.
Jun 1939 Mexico D. F.
Arrives in Mexico
Jun 1939 Puebla
Settles in Puebla, where he recovers from a lung illness.
Oct 1939–Aug 1945 Mexico D. F.
Settles in Mexico D. F. Works as a manager for several companies.
Aug 1945–1956 Veracruz/Mexico
Becomes responsible for the financial affairs of the Republican Government in exile. Director of Administrative Affairs.
1956–1967 Veracruz/Mexico
Becomes ambassador for UNESCO. This leads him to travel throughout many countries, such as India and Italy.
1956–1967 Veracruz/Mexico
Writes for journals such as Ibérica, Política and República.
1964 Veracruz/Mexico
His wife dies.
1969 Paris.
Marries Dolores Fernández
1977 First return to Spain since the war.
1985 Madrid
Returns to live in Spain.
1986–1996 Gijon/Asturias
Settles in Gijón.
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