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Agustí Bartra [1908–1982]

Date of Birth: 8 Nov 1908
Died: 8 Jul 1982 (age 73)

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1908–1928 Barcelona. Guinardó
Spends the first twenty years of his life in Barcelona. Primary education in Escola Montessori.
1928 Sabadell
Moves with his family to Sabadell
1928–1935 Sabadell
Works in the textile industry.
1932–1936 Barcelona
Publishes his articles and poems in the journals Amic and Mirador.
Feb 1938 Paris
Joins the Republican Army in Aragon
8 Feb 1939 Argelès-sur-Mer
Held in concentration camp of Argelès.
Apr–Aug 1939 Agde
Held in concentration Camp of Agde.
Aug 1939–Nov 1940 Roissy
Is authorised to move to the Castle of Roissy, near Paris where other Catalan intellectuals are living.
Sep 1939 Roissy
Meets his partner, the writer Anna Murià.
Nov 1940–Oct 1941 Santo Domingo
Lives in the Dominican Republic
1941–1946 Mexico D. F.
Works for several publications in the Americas: El Nacional, Excelsior, Las Españas (Mexico); Repertorio Americano (San Jose de Costa Rica), La Patria (Bogota), The Nation (New York), Correo Literario (Buenos Aires).
Feb 1941 La Habana
Arrives in Cuba where he stays for a short time before setting off to Mexico.
Aug 1941–Jan 1970 Mexico D. F.
Settles in Mexico D. F. Works as a draughtsman for Estudio Llama where he draws for commercial purposes, then later works as a translator.
1944 Mexico D. F.
Founds the journal Lletres in collaboration with Josep Carner.
May 1948 New York, 142 E 29th
Receives a Guggenheim Foundation Grant to work in the USA.
Nov 1950 Mexico D. F.
Returns to Mexico. Begins to work for the Librería Juárez.
1960–1961 New York, 142 E 29th
Travels to the USA.
1961 Trip to Europe: France, Italy, Greece.
Aug–Sep 1961 Brussels
Travels to Europe.
1963 New York, 142 E 29th
Revisits the USA, giving lectures at several universities.
1969 Tarrassa/Barcelona
Wins the Ciutat de Terrasa prize.
Sep–Dec 1969 New York
Guest lecturer at the University of Maryland. Takes over the Juan Ramán Jiménez Lecturership.
11 Jan 1970 Tarrassa
Returns to Catalonia.
Apr 1980 New Haven
Travels to the USA.
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Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
The Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes, depending on the Spanish Ministry of Culture, offers digitalized versions of Bartra's complete works, which can be downloaded and read from this site.
Centennari Agustí Bartra
Website currently under construction, containing some biographical information and images. It lists events to celebrate the 2008 centenary of Agustí Bartra's birth.
Arxiu Històric Comarcal de Terrassa
Website of the Local Archive in Tarrassa, where Bartra's personal archive is kept.
Lletra (La Literatura Catalana a Internet)
Website produced by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya which offers information on Bartra including articles about his work, critical opinions and quotations about him and interesting links to other websites.
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