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Américo Castro [1885–1972]

Date of Birth: 4 May 1885 Cantagallo/Brazil
Died: 25 Jul 1972 Lloret de Mar/Barcelona (age 87)

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1885–1889 Cantaglio/Brazil
Spends the first years of his life in Brazil, where his parents had set up an export business.
1890 Granada
Arrives in Spain for the first time.
1900–1904 Granada
University degree in Arts and Letters.
1905–1908 Paris
Studies in La Sorbonne University, specialising in French, literature and philosophy.
1909–1910 Madrid
Carries out his military service serving in military offices in Madrid.
1910–1914 Madrid. Duque de Medinaceli
Appointed first director of the Department of Lexicography of the newly-founded Centro de Estudios Históricos in Madrid, under the direction of Ramón Menéndez Pidal.
1911 Madrid
PhD at the University of Madrid with a thesis titled "Contribución al estudio del dialecto leonés en Zamora".
1913–1915 Madrid
Assistant lecturer at the University of Madrid.
1913–1918 Madrid
Publishes articles in several journals in America, such as Nosotros and Hispania.
1914 Madrid
Founds the Revista de Filología Española.
1915–1936 Madrid
Attains the chair of History of Spanish language at the University of Madrid.
1920–1933 Madrid
Regular contributor to the newspapers El Sol, in Madrid, La Nación, in Buenos Aires, and Excelsior, in Mexico.
1922 Madrid
Joins the political party Partido Reformista.
1923–1924 Buenos Aires
Santiago de Chile
Lectures in universities of Argentina and Chile. Founder and first director of the "Instituto de Filología Hispánica" at the University of Buenos Aires.
1925 New York
Visiting professor at Columbia University.
1928 La Habana
Mexico D. F.
San Juan/Puerto Rico
Lectures at universities of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico.
1931 Berlin
Visiting professor at the University of Berlin.
May 1931–1932 Berlin
Appointed Spanish ambassador in Germany.
1933 Santander
Co-founder of the International Summer University of Santander.
1933 Madrid
Founder of the Spanish-american Section of the "Centro de Estudios Históricos".
Jul 1936 San Sebastian
At the beginning of the Civil War, he find himself in San Sebastian. Immediately crosses the border to France.
Sep 1936–Aug 1937 Buenos Aires
Departs for Argentina, where he stays for a short period of time.
Sep 1937–Jun 1939 Madison
Professor at the University of Wisconsin.
Sep 1939–Jun 1940 Austin
Professor at the University of Texas.
Aug 1940–1955 Princeton
Professor at Princeton University until his retirement.
1943 Princeton
Obtains American citizenship.
1946 Rio de Janeiro
Visits his native country.
1956–1959 Houston
Honorary Professor at the University of Texas
1959–1969 San Diego.
Settles in California. Post-retirement appointment in the University of California.
Aug 1968 Madrid. Calle Segre
Returns to live in Spain. Settles in Madrid.
Dec 1971 Madrid
His wife dies.
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