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Juan Chabás [1900–1954]

Date of Birth: 10 Sep 1900 Denia/Alicante
Died: 29 Oct 1954 Santiago de Cuba (age 54)

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Writer, journalist, university lecturer and poet associated with the Generation of 1927. Exiled in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Cuba, where he died aged 54.

Time Table

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1910 Madrid
Moves to Madrid.
1916 Madrid
Studies Philosophy and Law at the Universidad de Madrid.
1919–1922 Madrid
Publishes his poems in the journals Cervantes, España, Índice, Ultra, Tableros and Horizonte.
1922 Madrid
Teaches Spanish Literature at the Centro de Estudios Históricos.
Oct 1924 Genoa
Obtains a grant from the Junta para Ampliación de Estudios to travel to Italy. Teaches Spanish Literature at the University of Genoa.
1926 Genoa
Is expelled from Italy due to his articles about the Fascist Regime, which are published in the Revista de Occidente.
Jan 1929–Oct 1930 Paris
Lives in Barcelona, where he writes articles for the Diario de Barcelona and La Gaceta Literaria.
1930 Madrid
Joins the Partido Radical Socialista.
Mar 1930 Denia
Founds the newspaper El País, «Periódico Republicano Regional de la Marina».
Dec 1930 Madrid
Returns to Madrid, where he works for the Heraldo de Madrid.
Aug 1936 Joins the Republican Army.
Jul 1937 Valencia
Takes part in the Second International Anti-fascist Writers' Congress.
1938 Madrid
Marries the French journalist and writer Simone Téry.
1939 Santo Domingo
Goes to the Dominican Republic accompanied by his wife and parents.
Sep 1943 La Habana
Marries the Cuban Lydia de Rivera, whom he divorces shortly afterwards.
1947 Caracas
Appointed the Chair in Literature at the Universidad Central in Venezuela and the School of Journalism. Writes for El Nacional.
11 Dec 1947 Caracas
Marries the Cuban Aída Valls.
Dec 1948 La Habana
Is forced to leave Venezuela because of the Military uprising against president Rómulo Gallegos.
1949 Santiago de Cuba
Teaches Literary Theory at the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba. Becomes Chief editor of Nosotros and publishes his articles in Luxa and Gaceta del Caribe.
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