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Ernestina de Champourcín [1905–1999]

Date of Birth: 10 Jul 1905 Vitoria
Died: 27 Mar 1999 Madrid (age 93)

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Time Table

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1915 Madrid
Moves to Madrid, where she attends the Holy Heart School.
1919–1922 Madrid
Secondary education at the Instituto Cisneros.
1922–1925 Madrid
Studies to become librarian.
1927 Madrid
Joins the Literature Section of the Club Lyceum.
1927–1931 Madrid
Writes articles for El Heraldo, La Época, Ahora and La voz en el viento.
Jul 1928 Madrid
Is interviewed for La Gaceta Literaria.
1929 Madrid
Becomes secretary of the Liceo Femenino.
6 Nov 1936 Madrid
Marries the poet Juan José Domenchina.
8 Nov 1936–Nov 1938 Valencia
Leaves Madrid towards Valencia. Publishes in Hora de España.
Nov 1938–May 1939 Toulouse/France
Exile in Toulouse and Paris.
1 Jun 1939 Mexico D. F.
Arrives in Mexico invited by the Casa de España. Starts working for Fondo de Cultura Económica as a translator.
Jul 1939–1973 Mexico D. F. Calle Belgrado 19
Settles in Mexico City.
Oct 1941–Jun 1948 México D. F.
Co-founder and co-director of the women's poetic journal Rueca.
1945–1950 Mexico D.F.
Works as a translator for other publishing companies such Centauro and U.T.E.H.A.
1947–1952 México D. F.
Works as a translator of books and conferences.
May–Jun 1948 Washington D. C.
Travels as a translator to the United States. Meets Her friends Juan Ramón Jiménez and Zenobia Camprubí.
May–Aug 1950 Washington D. C.
New trip to the United States. Again, she meets Juan Ramón JIménez and Zenobia Camprubí.
1951 Madrid
First trip to Spain after the war. She meets some relatives.
1952 Mexico D.F.
Joins the Catholic Organisation Opus Dei.
27 Oct 1959 Mexico D. F.
Her husband, Juan José Domechina dies.
1968 Madrid
New trip to Spain
1972 Madrid
New trip to Madrid.
1973 Madrid. Paseo de La Habana, 14
Settles definetely in Madrid, where she continues writing and translating.
Nov 1983 Mexico D. F.
Temporary return to Mexico.
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