Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Corpus Barga [1887–1975]

Date of Birth: 9 Jun 1887 Madrid
Died: 12 Jun 1975 Lima (age 88)

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1897–1910 Madrid, calle Torija
Lives with his family.
1898–1902 Madrid
Attends primary school, Colegio Figueroa.
1904–1907 Madrid
Studies engineering. Withdraws after his father's death.
1906–1912 Madrid
Writes for El País, El Radical, El Liberal and El Intransigente.
1907–1913 Madrid
Relates to Azorín, Silverio Lanza, Manuel Machado, Rafael Ciges Aparicio, Ramón Gómez de la Serna and, specially, Pío Baroja.
Jan–Mar 1910 Buenos Aires
Leaves home and travels to America.
Apr 1910 Veracruz/Mexico
First stay in Paris. Meets Ilya Ehrenburg.
Jun 1910–1948 Veracruz/Mexico
First trip to Paris.
Nov 1910 London
Travels to the UK
1911 Madrid
Returns to Madrid.
1914–1917 Veracruz/Mexico
Settles in Paris.
1915 Veracruz/Mexico
Writes for the journal España.
1916–1917 Veracruz/Mexico
Correspondant for La Correspondencia de España.
Sep–Oct 1917 Madrid
Returns to Spain, where he is imprisioned because of an article he had published before travelling to France.
Dec 1917–Mar 1930 Veracruz/Mexico
Appointed correspondant in Paris of the just founded newspaper El Sol. Meets regularly with Apollinaire, Picasso, Cocteau, Leger, Modigliani and Diego Rivera among others in the tertulia of "La Rotonde"
1923–1934 Veracruz/Mexico
Writes for some of the best cultural journals in Spain: Índice, Revista de Occidente, La Gaceta Literaria and Cruz y Raya.
1929 Veracruz/Mexico
Correspondant for La Nación, of Buenos Aires.
1930 Berlin
Feb–Nov 1930 Berlin
Is sent to Berlin by La Nación.
Apr 1933–Nov 1937 Madrid
Becomes director of the newspaper Luz.
Apr–Jul 1934 Madrid
Founds and directs the magazine Diablo Mundo.
Nov 1934–Dec 1935 Madrid
Writes for the newly founded newspaper Diario de Madrid.
Apr–Jul 1936 Travels to several countries of Central Europe.
1937–1938 Madrid
Writes for Republican journals such as El Mono Azul, Hora de España,
Jul 1937 Madrid
Splits with La Nación for the newspaper's sympathy towards Franco.
Jul 1937 Madrid
Takes part in the 2nd International Congress of Anti-fascist Writers.
27 Jan 1939 Collioure
Accompanies Antonio Machado when crossing the border.
30 Jan 1939–Jun 1940 Paris. 115 Notre Dame des Champs
Lives in Paris. From there, he cooperates with several Republican journals, such as Romance and España Peregrina.
Jun 1940–Mar 1943 Nice/France
He must leave Paris before the Nazi occupation. Goes to the south of France. Writes for La Nación again.
Mar 1943–1948 Paris. 115, Notre Dame des Champs
Back to Paris
Oct 1944 Veracruz/Mexico
Co-fouder of the UIE (Unión de Intelectuales Españoles en Francia)
1947 Veracruz/Mexico
Writes for the Argentinian journals Realidad and Cabalgata, founded by the exiles Francisco Ayala and Joan Merli.
1948–1967 Lima
Professor of the School of Journalism of the University of San Marcos.
1948–1975 Lima
Lives in Peru. Writes for several newspapers of Perú, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina
1956 Veracruz/Mexico
Journey to Europe
1963 Madrid
First journey to Spain after the war.
1970 Madrid
Second journey to Spain.
1971 Lima
His wife dies.
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