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Rafael Dieste [1899–1981]

Date of Birth: 29 Jan 1899 Rianxo
Died: 12 Oct 1981 Santiago de Compostela (age 82)

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Galician writer, dramatist, publisher and teacher exiled in Buenos Aires.

Time Table

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1899–1914 Rianxo. Rua de abaixo, 40
Lives in Rianxo with his family and attends primary school.
1914–1919 Santiago de Compostela
Studies teaching at the Escola Normal.
1917–1918 Tempico/Mexico
Abandons his studies and travels to Mexico, where he has relatives.
1920 Rianxo. Rua de abaixo, 40
Returns to Rianxo and to his studies.
Jun 1921–Dec 1923 Melilla
Does military service during the war in Morocco.
Jan 1924–Apr 1925 Madrid/Spain
Starts working for the newspaper Galicia until the censors, under General Primo de Rivera, force him to stop.
Dec 1925–Oct 1927 Madrid
Starts to work as correspondent for the newspaper El Pueblo Gallego.
Jan 1927 Santiago de Compostela
Becomes a member of the Seminario de Estudos Galegos.
1927–1928 London. 59, Hyde Park Gate.
Travels to the UK, where he stays with his much older brother Eduardo Dieste, Uruguayan consul in London.
1930 Madrid
Moves to Madrid, where he often attends the tertulia at La Granja del Henar.
Jul 1930 Orense
Co-founder of the Asociación de Escritores Galegos.
1932–1934 Madrid
Joins the Misiones Pedagógicas. Directs the teatro Guiñol. Meets Cernuda, Zambrano, Sánchez Barbudo, Gaya, Varela, Serrano Plaja, etc. Travels to Galicia, Extremadura and other Spanish provinces.
Sep 1934–Sep 1935 Europe
Obtains a grant to study European Theatre from the Junta de Ampliación de Estudios. Travels to France and Belgium.
3 Sep 1934 Caceres
Marries the teacher Carmen Muñoz.
1935 Madrid
Writes for the journal PAN.
1936 Madrid
Member of the Alianza de Intelectuales Antifascistas.
Feb–Jun 1936 Huesca
Active, with his wife, in the Misiones Pedagógicas.
Jul 1936–Feb 1939 Madrid
Publishes his works in anti-fascist journals, such as El Miliciano Gallego, El Mono Azul, Hora de España and El Buque Rojo.
Aug 1936 Madrid
Appointed Director of the Teatro Español.
Apr 1937 Barcelona
Moves to Barcelona, where he becomes director of the journal Nova Galiza.
Jul 1937 Madrid
Attends the II International Congress of Anti-fascist Writers.
1938 Paris
Joins the Republican Army.
Feb 1939 Saint Cyprien
Crosses the border. Is interned in the camp at Saint Cyprien.
Mar 1939 Poitiers
Is released thanks to French intellectuals and confined in Poitiers.
Apr 1939 Rotterdam
Reunited with his family, he arrives in Holland and sets off for Uruguay.
Jun 1939 Montevideo
Arrives in Uruguay.
11 Jul 1939 Buenos Aires
The family moves to Buenos Aires.
Jan 1940 Buenos Aires/Argentina
Thanks to the exile artist Maruja Mallo, starts working for the publishing house Atlántida, where he becomes Literary Director.
1940–1950 Buenos Aires, avenida de Mayo
Attends the tertulia at the Café Tortoni.
29 Dec 1948 Europe
Travels to Europe: Belgium, Holland, Italy, France and England.
Oct 1950–Aug 1952 Glasgow/UK
Works as lector in Spanish Literature.
1952–1954 Monterrey
Teaches Spanish Literature at the TEC (Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores) in Monterrey.
Sep 1954 Buenos Aires
Returns to Argentina, where he takes back his post at the publishing House Atlántida.
21 Aug 1961 Madrid
Returns to Spain. Settles in Rianxo.
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Rafael Dieste: reescritura dramática y teorización teatral
Article for the Centro Virtual Cervantes by Arturo Casas, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
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