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Juan José Domenchina [1898–1959]

Date of Birth: 18 May 1898 Madrid
Died: 27 Oct 1959 Mexico D. F. (age 61)

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Poet and literary critic.

Time Table

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1908–1913 Madrid
Attends secondary school.
1915–1918 Toledo
Studies to become a teacher. Obtains his degree.
1921–1935 Madrid
Writes literary criticism for Los Lunes de El Imparcial, España, La Pluma, Revista de Occidente, La Voz and El Sol, where he used the pseudonym of Gerardo Rivera.
1925 Madrid
Joins the Acción Republicana party, led by Manuel Azaña.
1931–1934 Madrid
Becomes personal secretary to Manuel Azaña.
1934 Madrid
Joins the Izquierda Republicana party, led by Manuel Azaña.
1936 Madrid
Founds the literary journals Boletín de Información and Suplemento Literario del Servicio Español de Información.
Jun 1936–1938 Madrid
Is appointed director of the Instituto Español del Libro.
Nov 1936 Madrid
Marries Ernestina de Champourcín.
1938 Valencia
Member of the Editorial Board of Hora de España.
Jan 1938–Jan 1939 Valencia
Becomes Secretary of the Republican Party and of President Azaña's Diplomatic Cabinet.
Nov 1938 Barcelona
After moving to Barcelona, writes articles for La Vanguardia.
1 Jun 1939 Veracruz/Mexico
Arrives in Mexico, invited by Alfonso Reyes.
Jul 1939–Jun 1940 Mexico D. F.
Works for the Casa de España.
Jul 1939–Oct 1959 Mexico D. F. Calle Belgrado 19
Settles in Mexico City.
1943–1945 Mexico D. F.
Publishes a number of articles in the newspaper Hoy under the title of "Pasión y muerte de la República Española".
1947–1952 Mexico D. F.
Works as a translator and interpreter.
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