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Josep Ferrater Mora [1912–1991]

Date of Birth: 30 Oct 1912 Barcelona
Died: 30 Jan 1991 Barcelona (age 78)

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Internationally renowned Catalan philosopher (associated with Ortega de Gasset and the School of Madrid), essayist and writer.

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1912–1925 Paris
Spends the first years of his life in the town of Amer.
1922–1925 Paris
Studies at Santa Maria del Collel School.
1925–1929 Paris
Works as a bank clerk and does other casual work to finance his secondary studies.
1929–1936 Barcelona
Works as an editor and translator for advertising agencies and publishing companies.
1932–1936 Paris
Studies Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.
1936–1939 Paris
Joins the Republican Army during the war.
Jul 1936–Jan 1938 Catalonia
Fights on the Eastern Front.
1937–1938 Paris
Takes up an administrative post in Barcelona for the Republican army. Works as a guide for foreign guests.
Feb–May 1939 Veracruz/Mexico
Arrives in Paris after crossing the border into France.
Mar 1939 Paris
May 1939–1941 La Habana
Moves to Cuba, where he teaches philosophy, writes and translates.
1941–1947 Santiago de Chile
Settles in Chile. Works for the University of Santiago as a lecturer in Philosophy. Gives several conferences. He meets several other exiles, such as Joan Oliver and Xavier Benguerel. Writes for several journals such as Sur and, remarkably, for some run by anti-francoist exiles such as Realidad, Pont Blau and Germanor.
Jul 1947 Santiago de Chile
Co-founder of the publishing house 'El Pi de les Tres Branques'.
Oct 1947–Jun 1949 New York, 142 E 29th
Thanks to a Guggenheim fellowship, carries out research on North American Philosophy in New York.
1949 Bryn Mawr
Appointed lecturer in Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, where he becomes head of department.
Sep 1957–Jun 1958 Princeton
Visiting professor at Princeton University.
1960 Becomes an American citizen.
Sep 1960–Jun 1961 Philadephia
Visiting professor at the University of Kansas.
Sep 1962–Jun 1963 Philadephia
Visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University.
Sep 1967–Jun 1968 Temple
Visiting professor at the University of Temple.
1984 Awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
1985 Awarded the Premio Príncipe de Asturias de Comunicación y Humanidades.
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Ferrater Mora
Website in English which provides comprehensive information about Ferrater Mora's life and thought. It is hosted by the Ferrater Mora foundation.
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