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José Gaos [1900–1969]

Date of Birth: 26 Dec 1900 Gijon/Asturias
Died: 10 Jun 1969 Mexico D. F. (age 68)

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Time Table

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1917 Valencia
Attends the National Secondary School of Valencia.
1923 Madrid
Degree in Philosophy at the University of Madrid. He was taught by José Ortega y Gasset and Manuel García Morente.
1924–1925 Montpellier
Spanish Lecturer at the University of Montpellier.
1925–1928 Valencia
Teaches German language at the Official Language School.
1928 Madrid
Obtains his PhD. Dissertation: The critics of Psycologism in Husserl.
1928–1930 Leon/Spain
Teaches at Secondary School.
1930–1933 Zaragoza
Professor of the University of Zaragoza.
1931 Zaragoza
Joins the Spanish Socialist Party and the "Agrupación al Servicio de la República".
1931–1939 Madrid
Professor of the University of Madrid.
1936–1939 Madrid
Is appointed director of the University of Madrid.
1938 Veracruz/Mexico
Member of the Honour Legion in France.
Aug 1938 Mexico D. F.
Goes into exile.
1939 Mexico D. F.
Becomes co-founder of The Spanish House.
Sep 1939–1947 Mexico D. F.
Becomes profesor of the UNAM.
10 Jun 1941 Mexico D. F.
Becomes Mexican citizen.
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Website hosted by the Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México dedicated to the philosopher José Gaos. It contains full biographical and bibliographical information.
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