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Paulino Masip [1899–1963]

Date of Birth: 11 Mar 1899 Granadella/Lérida
Died: 21 Sep 1963 Cholula/Puebla (age 64)

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Catalan novelist, dramatist and journalist, exiled in Mexico. Later dedicated to his work in film production and writing screeplays, Max Aub said of him in his Discurso sobre la novela española contemporánea, "Si el cine no se lo traga, Masip puede llegar a ser un claro exponente de la novela de nuestros días".

Time Table

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1899–1905 Lérida
Spends the first years of his life in Lérida.
1905–1919 Logroño
Moves to Logroño with his family.
1916–1919 Logroño
Studies to become a teacher and obtains a degree.
1917 Logroño
Founds the newspaper La Nueva Rioja, which does not last more than a year.
Jun 1919–1921 Veracruz/Mexico
Stays in Paris where he works as a...
1921 Madrid
Starts to work for Espasa-Calpe, as a translator.
1924–1925 Logroño
Co-founder and chief editor of the newspaper El Heraldo de La Rioja.
8 Jan 1925 Yécora/Alava
Marries Fernanda Echafarreta
1926–1927 Logroño
Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper El Heraldo Riojano. Primo de Rivera's government imposes such heavy fines on the newspaper for its political views that it is forced to close.
1928–1933 Madrid
Publishes articles in many newspapers and magazines: Estampa, Ahora and El Sol. Publishes his first plays and meets other intellectuals, like Alejandro Casona and Max Aub.
Feb 1928 Madrid
Settles in Madrid.
1930–1939 Madrid
Lives in Madrid, where he attends the tertulias of La Granja del Henar.
1933 Madrid
Director of the newspaper La Voz.
1934 Madrid
La Frontera performed at the Teatro Cervantes.
1936 Madrid
El báculo y el paraguas performed at the Teatro Zarzuela.
Dec 1936–Sep 1937 Barcelona
Settles in Barcelona, where he starts working for La Vanguardia.
1938 Veracruz/Mexico
Press attaché to the Spanish Republican Embassy in France.
23 Jun 1939 Mexico City
Arrives in Mexico on board the ship Sinaia.
Jul 1939–Sep 1963 Mexico City
Settles in Mexico, where he spends the rest of his life.
1940–1950 Mexico City
Publishes articles in several journals founded by exiles: Romance, Litoral, España Peregrina and Las Españas.
1941 Becomes a Mexican citizen.
1941–1955 Writes more than fifty screenplays for the Mexican cinema.
1941–1962 Mexico D. F.
Works as a translator. Writes for the journals Romance, España Peregrina, Litoral and Las Españas.
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Paulino Masip y el cine mexicano
By Juan Rodríguez, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.
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