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María Teresa León [1903–1988]

Date of Birth: 31 Oct 1903 Logroño
Died: 13 Dec 1988 Madrid (age 85)

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Writer, journalist and translator exiled in Argentina.

Time Table

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1920 Madrid
Marries Gonzalo de Sebastián.
1921–1925 Barcelona
Lives in Barcelona.
1924–1928 Burgos
Writes articles for the Diario de Burgos under the pseudonym of Isabel Inghirami.
1926–1928 Burgos
Lives in Burgos.
1928 Madrid
Separates from her husband. Moves to Madrid, where she lives with her uncle and aunt, Ramón Menéndez Pidal and María Goyri.
1929 Madrid
Meets the poet and dramatist Rafael Alberti.
1932 Madrid
Marries Alberti.
Dec 1932–1933 Moscow
Travels to the Soviet Union and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, with a scholarship from the Junta de Ampliación de Estudios.
1934 Moscow
Returns to the Soviet Union with Rafael Alberti to attend the First Congress of Revolutionary Writers.
Nov 1934–Feb 1935 New York
Before returning to Spain, the couple travels to North America, where María Teresa writes several articles protesting against the suppression of the revolt in Asturias by the Spanish authorities.
Feb–Apr 1935 Cuba
Travels around America before returning to Spain.
Jul–Aug 1936 Ibiza
María Teresa and her husband are in Ibiza at the start of the Civil War. They manage to escape the uprisings and return to Madrid.
1939–1940 Paris
Exiled in Paris, where she and Alberti work as translators and radio presenters.
1940 Argentina
Move to Argentina, where they spend the next twenty-three years and where daughter Aitana is born. María Teresa writes radio plays and works as a translator, in addition to producing some of her major works.
1950–1959 During the 1950s the couple undertakes a number of trips around Europe and travel to China in 1958. This trip results in the publication of their collaborative work, Sonríe China.
May–Aug 1963 Bucarest
The couple leaves Argentina for political reasons. They spend the summer in Romania.
Sep 1963 Rome. Via Monserrato, 20
They move to Rome.
1968 Completes her autobiography, Memorias de la melancolía.
Apr 1977 Madrid
Returns to Madrid.
1988 Madrid
María Teresa dies, suffering from Alzheimer's.
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Archivo Digital Instituto Cervantes
Video recordings of events held in commemoration of María Teresa León at the Instituto Cervantes in Paris. It includes lectures given by the poets Luis García Montero and Benjamín Prado.
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