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Concha Méndez [1898–1986]

Date of Birth: 27 Jul 1898 Madrid,
Died: 31 Dec 1986 Mexico D. F, (age 88)

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Time Table

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- Madrid
Studied at the "Colegio Francés" in Madrid.
- Veracruz/Mexico
Joins her husband again
- La Habana
Arrive at Cuba. She meets old friends such as María Zambrano and the Cuban poet Lydia Cebrera.
1917 Madrid
Meets Luis Buñuel, who would be her boyfriend for five years.
1924 Madrid
Begins meeting the Spanish Vanguardist writers around the "Residencia de Estudiantes", such as Cernuda, García Lorca, Alberti, Dalí.
1929 London. 59, Hyde Park Gate.
Travels to London
1929–1931 Madrid
Writes articles for La Gaceta Literaria.
May 1929–May 1931 Montevideo
Buenos Aires, avenida de Mayo
Travels to South America, where she gets involved in literary circles.
1931 Buenos Aires
Begins to publish her poems in the newspaper 'La Nación
1931 Madrid
Attends the 'tertulia' at La Granja del Henar. There, García Lorca introduces her to Manuel Altolaguirre.
5 Jun 1932 Madrid/Spain
Marries the poet Manuel Altolaguirre.
Jul 1932 Madrid, Núñez de Arce, 1
Founds with her husband the publishing house "La Verónica" and the journal Héroe.
1933–1935 London. 59, Hyde Park Gate.
She lives in London with her husband.
1937 Paris.
Leaves Spain to Paris.
1937 Brussels
1938 Paris
Returns to Barcelona to meet her husband who had been fighting inthe Civil War.
1944–1986 Mexico D. F.
She settles in Mexico D. F., where she will live until her death.
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Concha Méndez
Concha Méndez reading her own poem
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