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Emilio Prados [1899–1962]

Date of Birth: 4 Mar 1899 Malaga
Died: 24 Apr 1962 Mexico D. F. (age 63)

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Time Table

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1899–1914 Malaga, calle Strachan 3.
Lives in Malaga. Attends primary school at a private school and starts secondary school at "Instituto de Málaga".
1914–1921 Madrid
Travels to Madrid, after obtaining a place in the Children's group of the "Residencia de Estudiantes", attending school at "Instituto San Isidro".
Sep 1918–1921 Madrid. Calle Pinar
Studies at university. Continues staying at he Residencia de Estudiantes, where he meets his friends García Lorca and Moreno Villa.
Apr 1921–Jan 1922 Davosplatz/Switzerland
Due to a serious lung illness must spend almost one year in a sanatory in Switzerland.
Jan 1922 Paris
Short stay in Paris after recovering from his illness. Meets Picasso.
Feb–Sep 1922 Malaga
Stays in Malaga, where he finishes recovering from his illness.
Sep 1922–Apr 1923 Freiburg/Germany. Landnechstr
Attends University in Freiburg University, where he studies Philosophy.
Apr 1924 Malaga
Returns to Malaga. Writes for the literary journal Ambos.
Sep 1924–Jan 1925 Madrid
Returns to the University of Madrid and the "Residencia de Estudiantes". Due to his disagreement with his friends, interrupts his studies and returns to Malaga.
Nov 1925–1927 Malaga. Tomas Heredia, 24
Bought a printing press by his father and co-founds, with Altolaguirre, the printing house Sur, where some of the most important poetic books of his generation were published. He must resigns due to the losses of the printing house.
1930–1935 Malaga
Devotes himself to developing literacy amongst the poor and organisation of fishermen's trade union.
Jan 1934 Malaga. Camino de Antequera
After his father's death, the family goes through economical problems. They have to move home.
Aug 1936 Madrid
Moves to Alicante and Madrid, due to the fear of the fall of Malaga.
Aug–Dec 1936 Madrid
Lives in the Alianza de Intelectuales Antifascistas, where other intellectuala -Zambrano, León, Serrano Plaja, Alberti, Altolaguirre, Miguel Hernández, Bergamín, Cernuda and others live too.
Dec 1936–Nov 1937 Aldaya, Velencia
Is set by the Republican government to Valencia, to get in charge of the "Ediciones Españolas". In the end, he never takes over the post and goes to live at the house of the rRepublican officer Emilio Kleber.
Feb 1937 Madrid
Escapes to Madrid when Malaga is conquered by Francoist army.After the start of the Civil War, moves to Madrid, where he joins the "Alianza de Intelectuales Antifascistas".
Jul 1937 Valencia
Takes part in the organisation of the Second Congress of Anti-fascist Writers.
Nov 1937–Jan 1939 Barcelona
Appointed, with Manuel Altolaguirre, director of the Publications of the Ministery of Education. Co-director of Hora de España and radio broadcaster. Becomes close friend of María Zambrano and Antonio Machado.
Jan 1939 Port Bou
Crosses the border.
1939–1962 Mexico D. F.
Lives in Mexico, where he works as a teacher at Luis Vives school.
Feb–May 1939 Veracruz/Mexico
Lives in Paris, where he stays at the home of the Mexican ambassador, Narciso Bassols. Works at the Mexican embassy, with José Bergamín in creating the "Junta de Cultura Española" and organising the evacuation of the exile Spanish Republicans.
6 May 1939 Sets off towards Mexico invited by president Cárdenas on board of the ship Veendam. Other intellectuals on tht ship were Josep Carner, Eduardo Ugarte, Paulino Massip, Antonio Sacristán, Miguel Prieto, Joaquín Xirau, Antonio Rodríguez Luna, Roberto Fernández Balbuena, José Herrera Petere, José Renau and Rodolfo Halffter.
17 May 1939 New York
Arrives in New York City, where they leave for Mexico by coach.
26 May 1939 Mexico D. F.
Arrives in Mexico City. Stays at Octavio Paz's home.
Jul 1939 Mexico D. F.
Starts working for Editorial Séneca as a typograph.
Jul 1944 Mexico D. F.
'Litoral'' is re-born. Co-directed by Prados, Moreno Villa, Altolaguirre, Rejano and Francisco Giner de los Ríos.
Dec 1944–1953 Mexico D. F.
Leaves the publishing house Seneca and goes through serious economical problems.
1946–1955 Mexico D. F.
Works as a tutor for the "Instituto Luis Vives".
1952–1962 Mexico D. F.
Publishes his articles and poems in journals such as Cuadernos Americanos and Papeles de Son Armadans.
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Exhibition on Emilio Prados
Catalogue of the exhibition on Emilio Prados that was held in the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid. It includes photographs, critical texts and other information.
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