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Lorenzo Varela [1916–1978]

Date of Birth: 10 Aug 1916 Cuba
Died: 25 Nov 1978 Madrid (age 62)

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Galician poet exiled in Mexico and Argentina.

Time Table

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1916–1917 La Habana
Born on a ship travelling from Galicia to Cuba, where he spends the first months of his life.
1917–1920 Fufín
His family returns to Galicia, where he learns Galician.
1920–1930 Buenos Aires
His family move again, this time to Buenos Aires, where he attends primary school.
Jan 1931–Aug 1934 Lugo
Returns to Galicia with his mother. Starts secondary school.
1932 Lugo
Co-founder of the Ateneo Popular de Lugo, where he meets Federico Garcia Lorca.
1933 Lugo
Joins the Mocedades Galeguistas, a nationalist and trotskyist political group.
Sep 1934–1936 Madrid
Starts his studies in Philosphy at the University of Madrid. Attends the tertulias of La Granja del Henar and Pombo.
1935–1936 Madrid
Co-founder of the literary journal PAN. Publishes his articles of literary criticism in the newspaper El Sol.
Jul–Aug 1935 Huesca
Takes part in one of the Misiones Pedagógicas with Rafael Dieste.
1936 Madrid
Joins the Alianza de Intelectuales Antifascistas para la Defensa de la Cultura.
Jul 1936 Madrid/Spain
Joins the Republican Army, reaching the rank of Major. Joins the Communist Party and contributes to the journals Milicia Popular, Ahora, El Mono Azul and Hora de España.
Jul 1937 Valencia
Takes part in the Segundo Congreso Internacional de Intelectuales Antifascistas.
Feb 1939 Saint-Cyprien/France
Crosses the border and is interned in a detention camp.
Mar–May 1939 Toulouse
After being released from the camp, he lives in Toulouse for a few months.
Jun 1939 Mexico D. F.
Arrives in Mexico on board the Sinaia. Settles in Mexico City.
1940 México D. F.
Co-founder and co-director with Antonio Sánchez Barbudo of the journal Romance. Works regularly for the journal Taller, directed by Octavio Paz, whom he had met in Spain during the war.
1941–1947 Buenos Aires
Publishes his articles in many journals, including Sur and Cabalgata. Works for various publishing companies as a editor and translator. Co-founder and co-director of Correo Literario, with Luis Seoane and Arturo Cuadrado.
1941–1948 Buenos Aires
Travels to Argentina, where he settles down.
1942 Buenos Aires
Co-founder of the journal De Mar a Mar with Serrano Plaja.
1947 Buenos Aires
Meets Estela Canto, who becomes his partner.
1948–1952 Punta del Este/Uruguay
Lives in Uruguay, at the Albertis' house.
1952–1976 Buenos Aires
Returns to Argentina. Works as a journalist and art critic. Joins the newspaper La Razón.
1956 Buenos Aires
Marries Marika Gerstein.
1960 Lugo
Returns to Galicia for the first time since the civil war.
1976 Madrid. Paseo de la Castellana
Due to the military uprising in Argentina, he has to go into exile again. After a short stay in Paris, he settles in Madrid.
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Dossier on th life of Lorenzo Varela. Contains photographs and information on the life and works of the poet.
Real Academia Galega
Website on Lorenzo Varela, hosted by Real Academia Galega in commemoration of the Día das letras galegas 2005 in honour of Lorenzo Varela.
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