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Jorge Semprún [1923—]

Date of Birth: 10 Dec 1923 San Lorenzo de El Escorial

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Jan 1937–Jan 1939 Amsterdam
Moves to Amsterdam during the war. His father had been appointed ambassador of the Republic in the Neatherlands.
Feb 1939–1942 Auxerre
Secondary education at Lycée Henri IV, then begins Philosophy degree at the Sorbonne.
1942 Auxerre
Joins the Communist Party of Spain in exile.
1942–1943 Auxerre
After German invasion of France, joins the Communist resistance group Francs-Tireurs et Partisans.
Sep 1943 Auxerre
Arrested by Gestapo. Interrogated in the prison of Auxerre.
Nov 1943–Apr 1945 Buchenwald
Concentration Camp of Buchenwald.
1945–1952 Paris
Has different jobs, mainly as a translator for UNESCO.
26 Apr 1945 Auxerre
Returns to France. Leading committee member of the Communist Party of Spain in exile. Finishes his Philosophy studies.
1953–1962 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Illegally returns to Madrid to lead the clandestine activities of the Communist Party.
1963 Formentor/Spain
Is awarded the Formentor Prize for his work Le grand voyage.
1964 Moscow
Is expelled from the Communist Party because of his heterodoxy.
1988–1991 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Appointed Spanish Minister of Education
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