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Segundo Serrano Poncela [1912–1976]

Date of Birth: 1 Jan 1912 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Died: 9 Dec 1976 Caracas (age 64)

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Political activist, writer, literary critic and essayist.

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- San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Studies Philosophy and Letters.
- San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Degree in Law.
- Santo Domingo
Professor of Spanish Literature at the Universities of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, Central and Simón Bolívar (Venezuela).
- Santo Domingo
Writes for the literary journal Panorama.
- Writes for journals published by other Spaniards in exile, like Realidad and Cuadernos del Congreso por la Libertad de la Cultura. In Spain, Papeles de Son Armadans and Insula publish his articles.
1936–1939 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Leader of the "Juventudes Socialistas Unificadas"
6 Nov 1936 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Joins the Communist Party
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